The Family Purpose Show


The Family Purpose Show 

The Family Purpose Show is a place where families, students, teachers, administrators, youth advocates, probation officers, ex-felons, school officials, nonprofits, and school-based organizations come together sharing a platform addressing the social and emotional barriers they face. Host Monique Turner and the Guest of the show will offer solutions and strategies that can be implemented to solve the problem using emotional intelligence practices. 

Who is this for: 

  • Families that’s willing to share their story and be open to solutions 

  • Teachers who don’t feel supported 

  • Parents who don’t feel like they have a voice 

  • Students that feel they don’t matter 

  • City Officials who seek change and community growth

Who is this not for:

  • Families that’s not open to receiving positive feedback 

  • Individuals that can’t remain respectful 

  • People not involved in the school system 

  • The individual that’s not open to change 

  • Mr. or Mrs., not it all 

  • Put 0 and Click I want this. Or CLICK HERE. You will be redirected to the Questionnaire.

  • Once you complete the questionnaire you will be contacted by someone from the Family Purpose Production Team within 48hours.


  • A team member will reach out to you about your story to ensure you’re a good fit for the show

  • Have a 15-30 minute interview with the host of the Show after approval by the team

  • Be aired on (1) episode for 7 minutes 

  • Solutions to be offered by the host after you tell your problem 

  • Have the show be aired on Youtube and other streaming platforms 

What is the purpose of the family purpose show?

The purpose is to bring awareness and offer solutions to the problems that are occurring within our school system, families, internally, and externally. Family Purpose was established in 2013. We have served over 25,000 students and our mission has been to support our students, teachers, school officials, and families addressing the social and emotional barriers they face through the lens of emotional intelligence. 

  • Where will the show be recorded?
    - The show will be recorded in Antioch, California 

  • When will production start?
    - November 20, 2021 - December 3, 2021. 

  • Can I attend virtually?
    - Yes, Guests will be able to attend virtually. 

  • How long is each episode?
    -Between 20-30 minutes 

  • How many guests will be on each episode?
    -There will be between 3-4 Guest per show

  • Can I promote my business on the show?
    - You can pay for a 30 second, 45 second, or 60 second  Ad Spot. Ads will run before the show, during the break, and again at the end of the show. The link to your business will be attached to the episode that it airs on for a lifetime. 

  • Do I have to be on the show to run my Ad?
    - No, anyone can pay for an Ad Spot on the episode of their choice. 

  • Will my Ad to run on multiple Episodes?
    -Not unless you pay for multiple episodes. You can pay for 1 episode or multiple episodes.

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Meet the Host:

Monique Turner has been behind a camera since she was 8yrs old. She would always record in her room. She would say,” Channel 3 News Monique Turner Reporting To You Live From Valencia Gardens.” Looking back she realizes that it was her escape from the trauma she had endured being raised in the projects. After experiencing life-changing experiences having a son, losing both her parents and serving 5yrs in federal prison before 25yrs old. Monique learned how to turn the opposition she faced into an opportunity by starting a nonprofit to support teachers, school officials, students, and their families address the social and emotional barriers they face through the lens of emotional intelligence. Co-founding Family Purpose has blessed Monique to be a blessing in her community allowing her to work towards building healthy relationships, boost mindfulness, and build a positive community in and out of the schools. 

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The Family Purpose Show

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