Purpose Over Prison (Probation Termination)

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Monique Turner served 5yrs in federal prison. She terminated her state probation on her own 1 year early. That shows how efficient she is for the service that she's offering !!!

What She Can Do for You:

Consult with you on writing your motion to submit to the courts for early termination and the ultimate freedom you're looking for !

Impact : 

  • Early Release


  • No more probable cause

  • No more search in seizure

  • No more state number

  • No more probation officer 👮‍♂️ home checks

  • No more arrest for a silly misdemeanor (like j-walking)

  • People no longer using your probation against you

  • People no longer having the POWER of calling your probation officer on you

  • Bottom line, NO MORE

If you’re ready to get your FREEDOM BACK, now is the time!

Hit the "I want this!" button for the questionnaire to see if you’re a good fit to apply for early release.

No Guarantees, BUT, I haven’t lost a motion yet!


  • Click the link to get the Questionnaire

  • Answer the Questionnaire

  • Book a Call

If you are not a good fit to have your probation terminated early. I will consult with you on how to proceed with terminating your probation early.


"I made some emotional decisions that caused me to catch an Assault Case. On February 20, 2018, I was placed on house arrest for 120 days and Probation for 3 years, and a few other things I needed to complete as part of my sentencing. After completing everything that was asked of me besides the probation, my life was shifting in a better direction. I needed to be paperless in order to move forward with my goals.

I reached out to Monique Turner for assistance in helping me terminate my probation early. Monique wrote a motion for early termination. On November 14, 2019, The District Attorney and Contra Costa County Court moved this court for an order declaring the termination of probation.

Just in 11 days, I got the best news ever.

My probation was fully discharged on November 25, 2019. With the help from Monique, I was able to walk in the direction of tackling my goals and fulfilling my dreams. Most importantly being FREE. Thank you Monique Turner for all your help and encouragement!"

Highly recommended



I am Monique Turner - The Purpose Expert

I help formerly incarcerated individuals terminate their probation early and switch their mindset from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset through the lens of emotional intelligence. After serving 5yrs in federal prison myself, I've experienced the lack of post-lockup services and have gone through the uncertainty of not having a plan or purpose. My mission is to help thousands of individuals on probation gain their freedom back by terminating their probation early reducing recidivism and increasing the number of probation releases. I've created digital products to identify the likes, dislikes, wants, needs and life desires for formerly incarcerated individuals seeking change in their personal and professional life.

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Purpose Over Prison (Probation Termination)

0 ratings
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