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Advertise Your Business during the Show!!!

Promote your business, organization, or brand on the Family Purpose Show, or become a Sponsor. This show will inspire, support, and build healthy relationships and communities around the world. The Family Purpose Show was created to bridge the gap between our families, school officials, probation department, teachers, and students. We want to give our young people, families, and teachers a platform to be heard nationwide. The Family Purpose Show will address the social and emotional barriers that many faces in and out of school. It’s important our young people, parents, and teachers are bold when speaking out about the bullying, abuse, and mistreatment they’ve received in the past and currently receiving today. 

Who is this for 

  • Small business owners

  •  Anyone with something to promote can purchase a time to run their AD 

  • Individuals, or businesses  looking to expand their visibility 

  • Individuals that would like to support the show by becoming a sponsor 

  • Sports Organizations that want to promote their team, or organization 

  • Nonprofits that want to promote their mission 

Click the "Pay" button and Book your slot for 60 seconds!

You can pay for a 60 second Ad which will run before the show, during the break, and again at the end of the show. The link to your business will be attached to the episode that it airs on for a lifetime. 

You can pay for an Ad Spot on the episode of your choice. 

  • How do I become a Sponsor? 
    -Click the Sponsor link and you will be redirected to make a payment of your choice. 

  • Will I receive something for becoming a Sponsor?
    -Yes, all Sponsors will receive a gift with double the value of the price they donate. 

  • What is the minimum that I can Sponsor? 
    -You can send any amount to become a Sponsor

  • Will all Sponsors be promoted on the show? 
    -No, only Sponsors that donate over $100 

  • Is there a limit on the amount that I can Sponsor?
    -You can Sponsor the Amount of your choice 

  • What do I get if I Sponsor more than $100? 
    -You will be sent a gift value of over $100 along with your name, or business promoted on our commercial that will air on one, or more episodes. 

  • What can I expect after I choose my time slot? 
    -Once you choose your time slot you will be sent an email with a link to finalize your purchase. 

  • What happens after I purchase my time slot?
    -You will be sent a link to upload your Ad 

  • Will I have access to the show that my Ad is running on?
    -You will be sent a link to the show that you purchased your Ad on. You can share the link with anyone and promote it on all your social media platforms. 

  • Can I pay for multiple time slots at different times and still receive the discount?
    No, if you choose to purchase multiple time slots it has to be the same value to receive a discount. 

  • How do I pay for multiple time slots? 
    -You click your time slot, multiple the number of slots of your choice, then make your payment.

  • If I pick multiple time slots how do I receive my discount? 
    -You will have received a discount code via email after you filled out the questionnaire picking more than a one-time slot. 

Can I promote my sports team? 
-Yes, AAU and other sports leagues can purchase a time slot to promote their organization

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60 Seconds Business Promotion

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